Quick and Beautiful Dining Chair Upcycle

Monday, July 29, 2013

I purchased this beautiful solid wood cane chair from the Goodwill for $6.99!!! I knew right away this was going to be part of my mixed-matched dining set.   I made my own chalk paint with Behr paint and plaster of paris.  I gave it a quick rub down with a wood stain.  You can choose really any color to create a distressed or worn finish.  I will tell you that it absorbs into the chalk paint very quickly so have a damp cloth in arms reach to rub off the excess.  Sand down the areas where you have applied the stain and you're done!  I replaced the original crusty foam cushion with this Airtex Foam from Joann's (http://www.joann.com/airtex-foam-chairpads-2-high-density/xprd780100/.)  I covered the high density foam with a nice thick layer of batting to smooth out the corners and my fabric upholstery is just a natural unbleached cotton linen.  Super easy!

A few tips:
1.)  I'm lazy so I don't sand down my wood furniture before I paint it.  I just "Gripper it!"  It's a favorite saying over the last few year of refinishing old wood cabinets, trim, doors and furniture.  Home Depot carries a product called GRIPPER by Glidden that when painted on a slick or finished wood/metal surface simulates a raw sanded surface.  It works great and saves loads of time.

2.) Sanding between your paint layers creates a smooth finish with nearly no paint brush streaks!  Not an essential step but you know, it's an example of a little extra effort that can make a difference to the end result.

3.) This handy little staple gun from Joann's or Amazon is perfect for these type of projects.  It says "light duty" but it really does a great job!   http://www.joann.com/easy-tacker-light-duty-staple-gun/prd20579/

4.) Absolutely use spray glue to adhere your Airtex Foam (or other high density foam) to your seat board.  It's quick, easy and dries fast.  I also sprayed a light layer of glue in between the batting and foam.

This chair has so much character and its absolutely beautiful in my dining room!
My next furniture post is the set of arm chairs that are nearly identical to this chair.