A Family Wedding

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last Saturday my younger brother Zachary married his love Marron in a sweet and simple wedding ceremony at the Women's Athletic Club in Chicago followed by a reception in their gorgeous ballroom.  

I was so thrilled and honored when Marron asked me to do the reading during their ceremony.  I think I read about 1,000 passages, book and movie excerpts and poems on love, life and friendship before I found the one that stood out to me.   {I made a few minor changes.}

The photo is from their rehearsal dinner at Jane's Restaurant

I felt that it perfectly described both the unique commitment they were making to each other but it was also a reminder of the responsibilities they were making to themselves.  Everyone really seemed to love it for its unique and very real message. 

{ Something Old } 
I found this vintage handkerchief a few months after 
Zack and Marron got engaged and gave it to her at the rehearsal dinner!  

{ Marron }
Beautiful, smart, talented and funny.  We consider her a big win for the family all around!
She has a super inspiring blog where she shares her love of running, yoga and other little awesome tidbits about her life.  Hop on over to say hi!  http://marronb.com

{ Zachary }
The little brother extraordinaire.
And then he saw her :)


{ The Family }

{ And Happily Ever After} 

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  1. Lea, you are so GORGEOUS! What a beautiful family you have! You and Ashley are the sweetest girls, both so beautiful from the inside and out. XOX, Erica