Small changes, Big impact

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Now rewind back to the my post-Christmas shabby, beige-y, creamy and white apartment.  While it was the perfect clean slate and I've loved it for many years, after setting these goals the first thing I was determined to do was start making small changes to my homestead, my oasis.  Keeping goal no. 1 in mind (saving) I started digging through my antique collection pulling a pieces out in my favorite color, emerald.

Next, a trip to Ikea.  A sure win for inexpensive modern *awesome* design.

And what can I paint?!  I have quite the check list!

First things a renter I've come to terms with venetian blinds and popcorn ceilings as part of my apartment "decor" so please try to ignore them, like I do! 

Ok so I know it may seem subtle but to me, its huge.  Modern black, white and green in my very shabby white apartment and I'm in love!  The emerald is also very handsome I think!

Handsome emerald accents like the vintage aftershave bottle!

Bye bye yellow chair...the cream colored buffet is next!

Green Black and White

And now for the walls...that faux window has to go and I have an enormous list of gorgeous art I would like to purchase (not good for goal no. 1).

I've spent a lot of time researching artists and I'm in love with these three incredible talented women.  I think the pinks and peaches would look amazing with the emerald accents!

Abstract color

Needless to say I've been inspired and I can't wait to incorporate more beautiful bright color into my oasis.  I'll post more changes as they've been made! XOXO!